Qui [English translation]

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Qui [English translation]

Who will graze your lips

And vibrating with fever

Discovering your body

Become your master

And in doing so give birth

To a new wellbeing

Another happiness?

Who will take over

To fulfil your dreams

And without remorse

Bursting with laughter

Know how to drive you

To better destroy me

In the depths of your heart?

Who can this other one be

Who will be this intruder

In everything that was ours

When I am no longer around?

Who will take your weakness

With caresses

And words of love

Covering with oblivion

Our crazy days?

Who will get your life

At the end of my days?

We live twenty years apart

Our love is excessive

And my heart is despairing

For these years

Because once my eyes are closed

Other eyes will look at you

And I'm fighting with these words

In my thoughts

Who, without you protesting,

Will perform the movements

That are just for us:

When I embrace you

When we are intertwined?

Who will take my place

Around your neck

Who will get to know your moments

Of sudden madness

Or even anger?

Who will get the chance

To have your presence

Often, when I think about it

I become jealous

Who? No one can say

Who? We know nothing about it

And my heart is tearing apart thinking that someone

Will take an "I love you"

And through this "I love you"

I already know

He'll take your lips

He'll take your bed

And bury me

For the second time

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  • Languages:French, English, Italian, Spanish+3 more, German, Russian, Armenian
  • Genre:Singer-songwriter
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