James Taylor - Long Ago And Far Away

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James Taylor - Long Ago And Far Away

Long ago, a young man sits

And plays his waiting game

But things are not the same, it seems

As in such tender dreams

Slowly passing sailing ships

And Sunday afternoon

Like people on the Moon I see

Are things not meant to be

Where do those golden rainbows end?

Why is this song so sad?

(Why is this song so sad?)

Dreaming the dreams I've dreamed, my friend

Loving the love I love

To love is just a word I've heard

When things are being said

Stories my poor head has told me

Cannot stand the cold

And in between, what might have been

And what has come to pass

A misbegotten guess, alas

And bits of broken glass

Where do your golden rainbows end?

(Where do the rainbows end?)

Why is this song I sing so sad?

Dreaming the dreams I dream, my friend

(Dreaming the dreams I dream...)

Loving the love I love

To love to love to love

Oh no, no, no, no

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