5 Memorable Madonna Moments of her LA Celebration Tour Shows

  2024-06-22 04:28:24

Madonna has performed over 60 shows on her two-year Celebration Tour, but her five night stand at the Forum in Los Angeles brought out the stars in a major way.

Heres a list of some of the famous faces and voices who joined the Queen of Pop as she graced the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, California - as well as some other memorable Madonna moments.

Kylie Minogue Madonna sing I Will Survive and Cant Get You Out of My Head

In 2000, Madonna wore a black sleeveless shirt with Kylie Minogues name on it in cursive. Two decades later the women were duetting the 1978 Gloria Gaynor anthem except now it was Kylie wearing a similar top but with Madonnas name on it.

The cover is one that has been performed about every other night on the tour, but obviously to sing it with the Australian superstar on Night Three of the run made it extra special. Afterwards the pair covered one of Kylies biggest hits.

Eric Andre and Madonna judge dancers during Vogue

One of the things Madonna fans love her for is her willingness to push boundaries, push buttons, and push the limits of what is acceptable among mixed company. So it should be of no surprise that she and prankster Eric Andre have had a nice friendship over the years.

During the show on the opening night of her run at the Forum, Andre was invited to be the guest judge during the Vogue dance contest. The comedian and actor kissed Madonnas feet, dropped trou to receive a spank, and gladly accepted a lap dance from one of the chiseled male performers.

Cardi B Twerks and Judges

Cardi has given Madonna praise for years both online and in interviews. History will be kind to Madonna as a trailblazer who kicked down doors for both male and female entertainers to embrace their sensuality instead of repressing it.

Had there been no Madonna it would be hard to believe former exotic dancers like Cardi would have had such a relatively easy transition to Grammy-winning rapper. And goodness knows W.A.P. would not have been a mainstream hit if Madonna hadnt have fought the battles she endured with her Sex book and suggestive hits that were often met with criticism of how it would influence children.

Turned out the kids would be just fine and those kids would bring their kids to this tour.

When she was invited to judge the dancers, Cardi sported a Madonna/Marilyn-esque blonde wig and tassels on her sheer outfit, reminiscent to the Vogue video that was a fixture on MTV in 1990.

Paris Jackson watches Madonna pay tribute to her father Michael in the Billie Jean/Like A Virgin video

Madonna and Michael Jackson had a famously unusual relationship. The global icons nicknamed the King and Queen of Pop never got around to collaborating on a song, but would cause the stir when theyd be seen together like when they went to the Oscars together in 1991.

Although The Celebration Tour is a retrospective look at four decades of Madonnas hits, one of her biggest, Like A Virgin, is not performed live. Instead she has combined it with a tribute to her one-of-a-kind friend in a video alongside one of his biggest smashes, Billie Jean.

Thanks to a selfie video Jacksons oldest daughter, Paris, took showed the young singer enjoying herself in the pit of the show on the last night of the run. While many stars have paid their respects to Paris mega famous father, its hard to imagine many meant more to her than Madonnas extended show of love to the fallen superstar.

Live To Tell tribute to those who have died of AIDS

The Celebration Tour spanned the full gamut of emotions from excitement and joy to, at times, sadness and loss.

As a performer who made it big in New York City in the early 1980s, several of Madonnas friends and inspirations fell to the AIDS epidemic of that era; great artists like Keith Haring, Robert Mapplethorpe and Peter Hujar.

Because she would have felt like she wasnt telling the whole story of her career without also acknowledging some of the darker periods, Madonna took an artistic and emotional risk by bringing the mood down to spotlight many of the deaths of that era.

But instead of bumming out the crowds, it highlighted the miracle of life and how it all should be celebrated with gratitude.

This bittersweet live take on the 1986 hit also expands the notion of adult entertainment.

Madonnas tour rolls on for another month and a half. The US has until tax day to enjoy The Celebration Tour before it heads to Mexico for a series of shows. Get your tickets on Madonnas website.

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