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  2024-06-22 05:26:56

It’s time for some March Madness and no, we’re not talking about basketball. We’re talking about pop-punk act Games We Play, aka Emmyn Calleiro. His March began with the release of his much anticipated debut album Life’s Going Great and will continue with a spring tour kicking off this Friday. With such a busy schedule, we’re glad he made time to come in and talk to us about what’s on his phone. Watch him talk about a unique mobile game, his dog, Norman, and do a little impromptu karaoke.

Turn The Volume Up (Or Down)

“My relationship with my phone, its a problem. My phone allows me to ignore my life problems and just waste my time. My home screen, theres not much that goes on, except for this one. MX-Q. And, when you play shows, you have these headphones in your ears, theyre playing what you guys hear but just directly into your ear. When Im at a show, I can just pull my phone up and move all the volume.”

The Game He Plays

“Right before we were, we started doing this, I was playing a game that I usually play, but its not an actual game. Its tagging Pete Wentz on my Instagram story. I basically just try to share Pete Wentz on my story as much as possible ‘cause when he posts, I get followers.”

Olivia Rodrigo, Please Respond

“In regards to music, Olivia, I think your record is amazing and I think youre so beautiful and talented and I think we could make a really good team.”

It’s A Hype Song

“I have this one playlist, which is a picture of my dog, Norman, and its Pre Show Hype, and I listen to this every time before I play. (Lose Yourself by Eminem playing) I’m realizing now this song has an incredibly long intro. Oh my God, I want to go on stage right now. I listen to that all the time and then full 180.”

Norman Content

“I make a lot of videos dancing to my songs. This is what it looks like. Beyond that, its pictures of me with the people I’ve toured with. I just went on tour with this girl, Royal the Serpent, whos awesome. Me and YUNGBLUD, me and All Time Low. And this is a photo of my photographer, slash, best friend Megan, who she put a full, complete sleeve of fake tattoos on her, and she looks amazing. Oh, here it is. This is Norman. Hes the best. Norman is amazing. Hes a horrible dog, but hes my best friend in the world. Hes so dumb. I love that dog.”

We Love A Supportive Mom

“This year, like I said, has been a crazy year for me, good and bad. And my mom is kind of the person I talk to all day long. I send my brother lots and lots- maybe this is an Instagram kind of thing but- we send each other lots of videos of people getting hurt. Yeah. That’s what my Instagram For You Page is, but, TikTok is just kind of random. Oh my God, this guy, Isaac. Like I said, its been a weird year. So, I sent my mom this.”- Right now, Im not depressed. Im just having a little break from slaying. Im just having a little break from slaying, and then Im going to go back to slaying soon. So don’t-“And my mom texted me yesterday, Slay bud, you can do it. Yeah, thats what my For You Page is like.”

Pretty Boy

“When I write songs with my friends, we use Google Documents. The song Im most excited about on my new album, its called Girl-Shaped Crater, and we wrote so many lyrics for it. But this is what a Games We Play Google Doc looks like. Theres the Verse, the Pre, the Chorus, another Verse, and then we have something called The Short Bus. Thats just all the stuff we may use and theres a lot of shorts in this song. I think that is the best song I have coming out on my new record, and we wrote a lot for this song. I love this song. Its called Pretty Boy, and its about when you and a close friend like the same person, and they win, every time, and its kind of bummy, but its also, its cool because Ive never made a song that sounds like this.”♪ And Im still ♪♪ here ♪♪ singing ♪♪ Everybody wants that boy ♪♪ that body, that boy’s ♪♪ a somebody round here ♪UntitledThe Life’s Going Great Tour 2024 launches this Friday. You can grab tickets on Games We Play’s official website. Also, check out his episode of Marquee Memories for more great stories and Pete Wentz content.

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