Palaye Royale Plays Acoustic Benefit Show in Los Angeles

  2024-06-22 04:48:02

When Palaye Royale descended upon the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, CA, on March 2nd, the crowd knew it wouldn’t be your typical show from the Las Vegas quintent. Trading in their glam rock-inspired guitar riffs for an unplugged acoustic set, brothers and bandmates Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig, and Emerson Barrett settled in for a night of ambiance. The emotional intimacy, along with that of their loyal fans, was vibrating throughout the entire venue.

“Palaye Royale: Unplugged” was a benefit concert in honor of their mother, Stephanie, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to her fight against stage four cancer. Even those who couldn’t make it to the Regent were able to stream the show live on Veeps, creating a strong community and sense of hope that was heightened with every song. This Palaye Royale concert was complete with live debuts, an emotional cover, and one unreleased hit, making it a night to remember for all involved.

They began with a series of Palaye Royale classics, like “Hang On to Yourself,” “Paranoid,” and “Mr. Doctor Man,” before diving into modern favorites from 2022’s Fever Dream. Of course, they didn’t play the fast-paced rock tracks you may be familiar with, but a selection of acoustic masterpieces that stirred up emotions throughout the audience. Complete with a candlelit stage and the three brothers on piano, vocals, and guitar, they supported their mother in the best way they knew how…through the power of music.

UntitledTears were shed when they played an on-the-nose cover of “Cancer” by My Chemical Romance, after which a few live debuts came to light. Remington Leith sang “Desire,” “Hello Sunshine,” and “World Ends” for the very first time, plus an unreleased number called “I Will Love You,” also known as “Emerson’s Song.” It was a sentimental setlist in which the connection between Palaye Royale, their mother, and the crowd could be experienced with every song.

After performing several more Palaye Royale songs including “Lonely,” “Dying in a Hot Tub,” “Oblivion,” and “Fever Dream,” it was time to say goodbye. The group profusely thanked the audience for their unwavering support, while those in the crowd knew they had just witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime performance from their favorite band. Check out the full Los Angeles acoustic setlist here:

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