Sheryl Crow Live Debuts Do It Again at a Baseball Music Fest

  2024-06-22 06:42:48

Sheryl Crow chose an interesting venue to live debut the third single from her debut album, Evolution: a municipal baseball field. But she also seemed to miss out on the opportunity to place some hits in her lineup.

The nine-time Grammy winner was part of a two day Spring Training baseball-themed music festival last weekend and unveiled her new song, Do It Again.

The Extra Innings Festivals inaugural fest also included Chris Stapleton, Dave Matthews, Gin Blossoms, Larkin Poe and many others. It also featured a MLB-related talk show in left field of the ballpark.

Set on a baseball field in Tempe Arizona as tens of thousands of fans pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon State to watch MLB teams stretch out the kinks during Spring Training, the Extra Innings Festival mixes music with baseball.Evolution is Crows 12th studio album and boasts Rage Against the Machines Tom Morello on guitar for the title track.

Another guest star on the album due out March 29 is Peter Gabriel who appears on a bonus track of the deluxe version of the LP.

But back to the Extra Innings Fest and Sheryl Crows appearance on the Home Plate Stage.

How do you play there and not play Home at the Home Plate Stage?

Does she not like the song any more? Its on her greatest hits album, she must have liked it once. True she hasnt performed in four years, but when on the Home Plate Stage...

Meanwhile theres another tune she left off her, admittedly, shorter set (she wasnt a headliner that day), at the baseball festival: Run, Baby, Run.

She will do it with Eric Clapton but not before Dave Matthews?

This is a tune she played just last summer. Did no one tell her that the whole point of baseball is to get more runs than the other team? All the stats in the National Pastime, but the only one that actually matters is who scored the most runs that day.

Did anyone look at the poster?

Speaking of Gabriel, the song he appears on alongside Crow for Evolution, is a cover of his 1992 hit Digging in the Dirt, from Us.

Today she is officially releasing the song as the albums 4th single.

Where was that in the setlist? Baseball is played on two things: grass and dirt.

Are you telling me someone knew this song about dirt was gonna drop a few days after the baseball music festival and no one say, hey I have an idea?

Maybe all of this was just a warm up for her album release concert on March 23, in Franklin, Tennessee. Tickets go on sale today via the Franklin Theater.

If you cant make it, fret not, the show will be filmed and aired on PBS later this year.

Sheryls world tour kicks off this summer in Europe. Go to her website for tickets.

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